Into Each Heart Some Water Falls

The High Falls at Whangarei

At a place where we didn't really expect it, Whangarei is after all a seaside town, and this region in the north of North Island is rather flat... So we were surprised to find such high falls on the Hatea River, in the north side of town, in a Scenic Reserve.

Whangarei Falls

Ducks playing around above the Falls

ducks above the falls whirling water, ready to jump looking over the edge small cascades rich vegetation splashing over the side people enjoying themselves in front of the falls
looking over the edge...

Like 3 Graces

three graces in a lush green setting winding and turning green and white curtains from the opposite side black and white scenery foam before the fall never ending movement this is a curtain waterfall... mist around the curtains water sculpture coming over the top streams and rivulets swimming under the falls let's do it together now concentric circles flax and water shower anybody?
tumble, tumble, tumble

The River is Moving On...

moving on... like a swimming pool the Hatea River hurries on rapids border the pool Guy on the bridge in front of the Falls Juliet waiting for her Romeo at the Falls then, finally, they met... at Whangarei

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photos from 2016.

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