Into Each Heart Some Water Falls

Waterfalls on the Una River

The Una is a tributary of the Sava (and Danube) that flows in Croatia and Bosnia and often forms the natural border between both countries. In the Northwestern corner of Bosnia & Herzegovina, the Una National Park (2006) is the newest of the country's three national parks. Hiking and biking trails are established in the forests along the right bank of the Una and the canyon of its tributary Unac.

the Una NP logo: castles, waterfalls and mountains
Marjan Bosko Marjanovic: learn people to take care North entry Una NP
"Unu ne treba čuvati od ljudi, već učiti ljude da čuvaju Unu"
"The Una cannot be protected against people, but people can learn to take care of the Una"
(Boško Marjanović, 1935-2003, children's ecologist)

school of fish in the Una neon blue damselfly neon bluegreen damselfly fishing in the Una

Martin Brod

Martin Brod is the first big waterfall on the Una. It is 50 m high and falls over several tuff barriers. In combination with exceptionally clear water, the presence of many algae, bacteria, mosses, snails and other invertebrates has produced this tuff over hundreds and thousands of years, changing the flow of the river.

Martin Brod Waterfall the clear waters at the Falls the sun shines the Martin Brod Waterfall... ...and makes a rainbow appear rainbow on the water the green surroundings of Martin Brod Martin Brod Waterfall This isn't Marta!

Martin Brod might mean Marta’s access to the river. According to local legend, a girl, Marta, had a secret lover on the other bank of the river. When she tried to cross to the other side to meet him, she was pulled down by the strong current and drowned.

the rainbow
cascading rainbow

from one fall to another...

down the Una that typical blue colour different colours on the Una waiting for the next jump

Štrbački buk

Štrbački buk is 24 m high and lies some 30 km North of (and downstream from) Martin Brod. Here the Una forms the border between Bosnia and Croatia. On the Bosnian side, great efforts are under way to make the National Park more accessible for nature-loving tourists. Boardwalks are being built along the river from a parking lot a bit higher up the river to the viewpoint platforms that overlook the falls.

Štrbački buk Touché at the falls Croatia at the other side all together now Štrbački fall 100% humidity the Una hurries down after the Falls Štrbački buk down the Una turquoise waters multi-level falls a beauty to behold a brook runs along the falls down the Una
Touché with Mr Izet, a friendly Park Ranger
Touché with Mr Izet, a friendly Park Ranger

On the way to Bihać

the Una calmly on its way to Bihać the Una in Bihać
Even if the river seems so calm and slow,
there are several more small falls and rapids along the way to Bihać...
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