Into Each Heart Some Water Falls

Falls near Luang Phabang

Luang Phabang is one of the former capitals of Laos. There is a cosy Royal Palace and an interesting collection of Buddhist temples (called 'wat'). One of the most enchanting certainly is Wat Xieng Thong, near the confluence of the Khan river with the Mekong. The town is dominated by Mount Phousi and fully merits its place on the Unesco World Heritage list.

Xieng Thong is probably the finest Wat in Luang Phabang a decorative tree of life the tripitaka, the buddhist library, beautifully adorned
enchanting Wat Xieng Thong, tree of life and funnily adorned library

Tad Sae

Let’s be generous and start right away with one of the prettiest waterfalls anywhere. Here, Nature proves that it invented the whirlpool and the hydromassage millions of years ago.

The Tad Sae waterfall runs down the slope of the right bank of the Khan River, a lovely tuk-tuk ride away from Luang Phabang. At the bank of the Nam Khan, a pirogue awaits to bring you to the foot of the falls.

at Tad Sae, the river runs through the forest the water streams and falls from pool to pool the sun shines through the trees, creating mighty reflections kids love to play at these falls the river gently streaming down the mountain side everybody enjoys the natural jacuzzi even the trees don't mind standing with their feet in the water terraces with jacuzzis and aquamassage an unforgettable sight

The water runs more than it falls through the forest. Trees have maintained themselves in the middle of the water and provide a shady cover for what is really a natural spa. A collection of pools have formed along the descent of the water to the Khan River below. You can push your back against the water that pours down to have a massage, immerse yourself in the bubbling pools and play around in the cooling water.

Kuang Si falls

Another, more famous waterfall south of Luang Phabang is Kuang Si, a favourite among locals. It lies near the Mekong and Route 1.

This is a fully fledged waterfall, 60m high, with different levels and a collection of pools for swimming. You can try and get behind the main falls, between the curtain of water and the rock wall. It's a terrfic experience!

Kuang Si terraces Kuang Si seen through the trees pool at the base of Kuang Si otherworldly scene calciferous curtain the top of the Kuang Si falls impressive Kuang Si stones polished by the water falls and pools
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