Into Each Heart Some Water Falls

Fantail Falls on Haast River

After our tour of the Southern part of South Island, we were descending from the Haast Pass to the Tasman Sea in the West, after our overnight stay at Hawea Lake. Near the road, hidden by a stretch of wood, are the Fantail Falls that add more water to the Haast River. The form of the Falls reminds of the tail of a local bird, the Fantail* (unfortunately, we saw none) that can open its tail like... a fan.

access to the Fantail Falls trail
path to the Falls
the Fantail
Guy testing the waters the waters tumbling through the crevasse several tiers on the way down

Fantail Falls do you want to go up there? there are pebble piles way up high and the water continues to come down...
officially the falls are 23m high fanning out over the rocks yes, there are people up there!

Zen Garden near the Falls

Visitors from East Asia apparently like this place very much and the pebbles on the riverbed are ideal to put on one another to make these small (and not so small) piles that turn the site into a special place. Some people must have spent quite some time -and meditation- to compile some of the towers that testify of the zen spirit, of calmness and concentration.

ingeniously constructed pebble piles Guy in the Zen Garden
do you have the patience? a pile as high as Touché

the pebbly river bed invites you to compile something Guy with a giant pile everybody zen in the garden a basic pile piles and piles a family of piles, great and small
the Haast river, not really in a haste

play of the sunlight in the clear waters

little waves in the water light playing in the water
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